Sunday, August 10, 2014

New lyrics, partial draft - I Can't Save You

 Started writing this watching my little siblings play. They're adopted, so they've already been through a lot, but I know they'll have to go through a lot more. Such is life, and I know that pain. Loving them so much, I just want to be that someone to take the pain away. But I'm human, and I fail. Even if did everything humanly possible to help them, if I didn't show them the way to God, I'd actually be doing them a disservice. I can't save them. But God can.
 (As you can tell, it's a partial - not done yet - and a simple draft. Just wrote what came into my head.)

Verse 1:
I want to be your sanctuary
I want to be your safe place
I want to be the shoulder to cry on
Want to be your saving grace
I want to say that I'll be true
I want to say I'll never fall
That I'll be there to catch you
I want to be your all-in-all
But as much as I would die for you
Cry for you
Maybe lie for you
Be a light in the night as a guide for you
I know that I can't be your rescue
But I know who can

So I'll stand at the crossroads
Point you to the right
I'll carry a candle
And tell you of the light
Write a sign with my life
To show you what to look for
Give a taste of living water
Tell you where to find more
Because I can't be your savior
But He can

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