Sunday, October 12, 2014

A struggle with the Truth


"The Truth Will set You Free!"
John 8:32

 It certainly doesn't seem like it, when you're trapped in the delusion of control; when everything that seems to be on your side says that will hurl you into a vortex of harsh, uncontrollable realities. Indeed, being able to twist the truth into your own convenient shape, and not having the "luxury" of picking and choosing what you would very much like to be true, and throwing away the rest, sounds so very appealing and safe. It seems to the world to be the definition of this open-minded age in which Ultimate Truth is illusive and over-rated. Yet God waits patiently for us to realize - caught up in our own chasing tail - that the truth is the best and safest and most peaceful place to be. Not because the truth is comfortable and catering. But because He is the truth, and He loves us. Only when we step out in faith and embrace a reality bigger than our own selves will the light dawn upon our eyes and illuminate our hearts, releasing us from the chains of falsehood and darkness. Ushering us into a world that does not promise safety, yet delivers it, rather than the opposite.
 Liken it to a child standing on a rock in the eye of a hurricane, watching the waters torn by the winds while his hair is only slightly rustled. Then picture a grown man, hurled to and fro by the waves, balled up in a fetal position and head tucked between his legs, oblivious to his surroundings and peril, wrapped up instead in the world inside his head.
 The truth promises to set us free, not re-affirm our fantasy. Freedom - for us - comes at a cost. God's cost was the sacrifice of His Son; our cost is the surrender of our hearts, comfort and all.
 Is it truly worth it? Absolutely!

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