Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Waiting for God's plan

 I remember at age 4 or younger drawing pictures of wedding dresses. Hideous, boxy things with flowers and ruffles not unlike something a tiny child would draw. I don't even remember where I learned about weddings or seeing flowing white dresses, but apparently I had, and it stuck with me. Sitting on the floor surrounded by my Beanie Baby collection, I sat them down in rows and "walked" the bride to the groom. A stuffed lamb wrapped in a gauzy dryer sheet. Not long after that, lamb and leopard had little lamb and leopard children who were also getting married. To rhinoceroses and bears. All this being said, I can't ever remember a time when I didn't think about weddings and getting married, even when I had little or no concept of what marriage was. I assumed that everyone got married. Long before the notion of bridesmaids and ceremonies and dating and fidelity entered my mind, the seed was planted - perhaps while still in the womb - that I was going to get married. And I've never doubted that I someday will, even though I'm entering my 20's now never having had a boyfriend. Honestly, and as odd as it may sound, I believe that I'm destined to be a wife and mother. So... that means my life isn't completed and God's promise isn't fulfilled until I walk down the isle, right? Wrong! If you are a Christian, no matter what your dream is, even if you wholeheartedly believe it is your fate, it never supersedes your relationship, or marriage, if you will, to God. And God never promises anything other than salvation and sanctification here on earth, unless it is personally revealed (aka divine revelation). He doesn't owe us an easy life, nor a happy family. He does, however, promise faithfulness to His own, to His bride. Long before I arranged matches between my dolls, and long before discovering Pinterest, God "put a ring on it" and called me His own. Then he created the world, and watched and waited, organizing lives and events, until He knit me together in my mother. And in that time, He wove into me a purpose greater than my personality, my career choice, my birth order, my hopes and desires, and even greater than who I would chose as my spouse someday. He wove into my the purpose of pursuing and knowing Him.
 Do you know Him? Are you actively seeking? Or do you still think that He is more interested in what you major in, or who you date than how engrossed you are with Him? Because He has a plan, and it won't wait for a drivers license, adult maturity, a degree, a significant other, a job title, or money. It won't wait until you have resources to call your own. Because all He wants to use is you; yes you, and what little you may call your own.
 My purpose? To know God and make Him known. I think that'll include a spouse as some point in time. It may also include a trip around the world before then. But I know what it will include. It will include everything I touch, everything I own, everything I am, and everything He's making me to be. So... why wait? God's plan is now! What does He want you to do with what you have now? How can you draw closer to your Bridegroom?