Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Long-term Salesperson {and why so many fail}

A good salesperson matches a persons need to the right product,
nothing more, nothing less

 There's a plethora of sales advice out there, and I'd imagine a lot of it works. But there's a difference between getting someone to buy something, and being a good salesperson. But say, what is a salesperson? Many of us would imagine the smooth-talking fellow who sold you that lemon-of-a-car, or the uncomfortably personable woman promising the supreme superiority of her makeup line. These are people who sell, but I would argue that they are not salespeople.

A Salesperson is someone who finds out what a person wants or needs, and connects them to the matching product or service. Nothing more, nothing less

So if you 1) can figure out what someone wants/needs, and 2) have something they want/need, you can be a good and successful salesperson, ethics and all!

What are 6 steps to a good sale?

1. ASK someone about themselves, and what they want to know.

 Who doesn't like talking about themselves?
Many people struggle with knowing what to ask, or think they need a mental list of questions to pick from, hoping that the conversation doesn't last long enough for them to become depleted of their store. But I have found that genuine Caring and Curiosity - the two "C"s in Success - will take you much farther than any other smooth-talking charisma-machine out there. The only catch? You must be genuinely caring and curious.


 Finding something you both have in common, or agree on, in order to foster a relationship. Friends buy from friends, and will come back to buy again.

3. Provide Individualized INFORMATION.

Once you get a sense of what this person wants or needs, empower them to make a choice. Remember, knowledge is power, and people like being given both. You haven't spend time gathering information on this person for nothing, so tailor your response for them.
But also remember, KISS: Keep It Short and Simple.  Information is information, and we have
Form a personal connection
altogether too much of it. Don't overload them. The difference is what you give them, and how.

4. CLOSE the deal.

Pressure may close the deal, but Security and Satisfaction (the two "S"s in Success that naturally follow the two "C"s) close the deal and make the customer feel good about it.
People are afraid of making the wrong choice (or getting screwed over by a salesperson), so do what it takes to make them feel secure. And people want the most out of their time and money, so make them feel satisfied. There are a number of tactics to doing this, but just keep in mind these two main desires a customer has, and see how you can meet them.


This is where so many salespeople fail.
They turn Secure into Stifling, and Satisfied into Suspicious. Yes, form a relationship, but don't expect to buddy up. Make eye contact, give a good firm hand-shake, give your card, and leave them to revel in their empowered purchase!
Even if they choose not to purchase, provide them with a brochure, pamphlet, or some other resource.


And you thought your job was done!
Sales - if done right - will be a reoccurring process; that's the whole point! Whether it's calling them, visiting them, or just making yourself available, follow up will make a good sale into a good customer!

And remember, a salesperson is a servant. You are there to serve your business, and you are there to serve your customer. Stay humble in order to be caring and curious; stay confident in order to secure and satisfy.