Saturday, May 2, 2015

5 Free Self-Betterment Hacks

 While it is true that many self-improvement classes, courses, and seminars are well-worth the
investment, there are plenty of ways to bloom where you are planted, using resources that don't cost a penny. It is in those times of not having much expenditure that proves just how creative we are willing to get. Because until you are willing to create your own worth, you may be throwing money out the window trying to pay a coach or course to make you into a savvy, successful person. So... what can you do for free?

1. Connect with People

 You don't have to be calling CEO's or working in the hub of the city to connect with the people around you. And you don't have to be an expert on any matter - or even a particularly interesting person, for that matter - to ask questions. Where do you connect with people? Who do you come into contact in the course of your day or week? Event the Wal-Mart clerk counts as someone. And chances are, if your pickings are slim, there are a plethora of ways you can become involved in your community, and there's no better way to bond than service. Which brings me to the next point...

2. Serve

 Why Service? Other than the fact that it helps your fellow man, it can seriously humbling. Ouch. Nobody likes to be humbled. But in order to become better (the point of self-betterment), we have to realize that we are not "all that," and that sometimes the most unlikely of people will teach us the most profound lessons. Service is also a great way to stretch creativity. Because many organizations are under-staffed or under-supplied, you'll need to find a way to make things work!

3. Write

 Ever have a thought that made so much sense in your head, but then when you tried to explain it, it just wasn't as comprehensive or compelling as you thought it would be? Writing - whether journeling or blogging - is a great way to practice "saying" something until it makes sense, without looking silly
or wasting breath. Go ahead, rearrange the sentence, cross off redundancy, insert a main point, or change a pronoun. Writing un-tangles one's thoughts and organizes their ideas. Even if nobody else sees what you've come up with, you'll go about your day with a clear vision of what you're thinking.

4. Read

 It surprises me how painful a task this can be for some people. But for every boring text book you've had to suffer through, there is a fresh, exciting book just waiting to redeem your opinion of the written word. Find a genre you love! There are so many to choose from. And just think about how many times a day you already read without even thinking about it: facebook posts, magazine titles, road signs, recipes, directions, food package labels, etc. Reading informs us of what we need to know. It can also inform us of what we want to know.
 Once you find an author or genre you enjoy, I suggest slowly branching out.  For every two or three preferred books you read, pick out something new. Like English classics? Try an art book. Like DIY How-to's? Try a short novel. They're all available at your local library.

5. Make Goals

 Anyone can sail a ship, but it takes a captain to steer it in the right direction. Are you in charge of your life, or merely along for the ride? Everyone has dreams, or something they're aiming at, whether they realize it or not. What do you want out of life? What do you want to accomplish? Write it down and then commit. Brainstorm what it will take to accomplish your goal. Make small, time-bound goals that will help you can accomplish right now to bring you closer. If what you want is really worth it to you, you'll make it happen if you have a clear vision of how to get there. And if you've discovered how to be an innovative, creative person on a little, imagine who you'll be with an abundance of resources at your finger tips!

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