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Natural Cancer Treatment Supplements and How They Work

By Michaela Johnson
Copyright October 4th, 2012

 Brief introductory on cancerous cells:
 Cancerous tumors forms when one or more mutilated cells manipulate the DNA structure and therefore deactivate the tumor suppressant gene which regulates normal cell division, and in turn the DNA repair gene, making the cell highly unrecognizable to the immune system, which would have simply killed it off and generated another; the white blood cells are not notified of the problem.  These mutilated cells rapidly regenerate at a speed unchecked, which is dangerous not only because the malignant tumor is generally accepted, but because it has a reproductive count high superior in speed to that of healthy cell tissue.

 Some sources say that the immune system’s strength has relatively little to do with cancer growth, since it is nearly helpless to the spread of a group of mutilated cells.  But it is good to remember that in every body there are numerous cells “gone bad” present at all times, and the body’s immune response regularly keeps these in check by turning a mutilated cell into an apoptosis, which is harmless and quickly removed.

 An autoimmune disease is the body’s over-reaction to a sickness, therefore making it highly ineffective and nearly mutinous to the body, producing prolonged inflammation in the tissue, resulting in diseases such as type 1 diabetes, lyme’s disease, Crohn’s, and the common allergy. In these cases, supplements and vitamins to increase white blood cell count and balance histamine reaction are helpful. 

 An immunodeficiency disease is the body’s complete lack of “fight” against disease/sickness, either from immune weakness or failure to recognize the ailment, due largely to infections in the body.  Immunodeficiencies are much harder to naturally cure.  Both autoimmune and immunodeficiency effects have been linked to cancer.

 A cancer wall, a less familiar term, is the body’s own immune cells in their last desperate stage of defense against a candida overgrowth spread in the rest of the body. Candida is a decadent bacteria originating in the gut, which can dangerously multiply in colonies, or spread to other parts of the body if unattended to.


 Factors in cancer:
 Several things – in fact, nearly innumerous things – can aggravate or produce cell mutilation, such as tobacco, and other toxins introduced to the body orally, obesity, heavy medal poisoning, certain infections, aerial pollution, age, candida overgrowth, poor immune/low vitamin D, cell parasite growth, or radioactive exposure.  To keep in mind is the fact that cancerous cells are always present in our bodies in whatever quantity, along with many other potentially dangerous cells and sicknesses.  Merely the number and dominance, along with the strength and alertness of the one’s immune system are the crucial factors.  The body is amazingly designed to fight off many potentially fatal things. 

 The predisposition to cancer can be genetic, or simply due to poor health, in many cases.  We do not always know the cause of cancer formations in a specific patient’s body, as compared to another who has not acquired it.  Much study is being conducted on the DNA code’s very structure as to remove the code allowing or naturally exposing the body to cancer due mostly to genetics. In fact, 5-10% of all cancers are purely hereditary.
 The nature of conventional cancer treatment:
 The clinical and modernly professional answer to combat cancerous cells is to either kill or remove the cells or effected area.  Killing off the renegade cells as well as the pure ones used in natural combat and bodily recovery seems like a hard blow, but proves effective in many cases, and even cures some long-term.  This all-popular method of fighting cancer is much the same in approach and theory as the common use of antibiotics for common colds, sicknesses, and infections.  Its power is to kill; antibiotics kill the ailment’s cause, sweeping out beneficial and essential bacteria with it.  Probiotics are often prescribed to be taken along with, or after the antibiotic for this very reason.  Its power is to build and fortify; fortify the healthy flora, and therefore the immune system, which is largely located in the gut, as well as the newly discovered “second brain” lying within the colon’s walls. The use of antibiotics can be counterproductive, in which curing one infection, can cause another - this namely being the yeast infection.  Also, antibiotics may quickly be becoming a treatment of the past.  The foreign virus is an amazing compound, and is finding ways to overcome the demolishing tactics of the antibiotics, making it useless in its primary purpose, though still harmful to the body.  However, it has been found that probiotics not only repair and replenish, but fight viruses as well - astonishingly effectively, too.  Perhaps fortifying the body’s natural means of protecting its self is an age-old and greatly underestimated power that should be given more weight in the clinic.

 Natural cancer treatment supplements and how they work:

 In the natural-health field, which leans to natural means to nourish and heal, there has been much study and emulation over natural cancer treatment for those in the initial stages of cancer, and some even farther along, in dealing with their body’s immune deficiency and parasitic bacteria overgrowth.  Inflammation is also a key factor in malignant cancer.

 Here is a list of common natural cancer-treating supplements.

·         Beneficial Fungi (includes Probiotics)

·         Apricot Kernel Extract (Amygdalin)

·         Turmeric (Curcumin)

·         Trace Minerals

·         Olive Leaf Ext.

·         Resveratrol

·         Chlorophyll

·         High quality Omega-3

·         Colloidal Silver (high quality, cracked cell wall)

·         Diet/food intake


 Since most cancers are a type of fungal growth, beneficial fungi can be extremely helpful in treating the parasitic growth.  By strengthening white blood vessels and fortifying the immune system’s base, acidophilus (a probiotic and type of fungi) is used for many things, including candida overgrowth, digestion, infection, Crohn’s, and the common cold.  Cordiceps opens more bronchi in the lungs, increasing oxygen flow to the lungs and therefore the heart, which delivers core energy to the brain, blood cells, and cells in general.   Chaga mushroom, called the king of mushrooms for a whopping score in antioxidants, it is also geno-protectant, which means it regulates those radical mutant cells coming from a glitch in genetics – the cause of about 50% of known cancers. It contains Betulinic acid used in regenerating skin products because of its anti-inflammatory properties.  Chaga, Reishi, Chanterelle, AHCC, Maitake, Shiitake, and other beneficial fungus cleanse the blood and liver, which is essential during sicknesses and recovery, and are perhaps the most proven and effective natural cancer fighters.

 One of the many amazing things about these mushrooms is that they take care of the oxidation they bring into the body.

 These helpful mushrooms have been called “gift of the gods,” and “god of the plants” by the ancients.

Apricot Kernel Extract (Amygdalin) –

 Sometimes called Vitamin B-17 (though it is not really a vitamin at all), the active substance in Apricot Kernel ext. is a controversial supplement found in the seeds and pits of many fruits and seeds, such as apricot, apples, bitter almonds, and cassava.  Research has left some doubtful, and others convinced, though the FDA banned the concentrated substance patented as Laetrile in most states because they deemed it unsafe, due to its moderate level of free hydrogen cyanide, which can be toxic in levels above 3,000 mg.  It was first isolated in the 1920s by a German immigrant and used professionally in the 1930s. It is still used in therapeutic doses in Mexico, Japan, and Russia.

 Amygdalin’s (patented as Laetrile) favorable argue to effectiveness is that only 2,000 mg or less are needed to deliver lethal blows to benign tumors without damaging healthy tissue.  This method, called the Antibody Guided Enzyme Nitrile Therapy, has been experimented in the UK, and has shown to stop the growth of tumors.  Another note is to not take Amygdalin together with Probiotics, as the cyanide can kill these also.  And by all means, monitor your intake! Too much cyanide is deadly, although small amounts over a period of time may build up immunity to it, which would be helpful in the case of cancer. No more than 2,000 daily – or less - are needed. This substance should not be available to children.

Olive Leaf Extract (oleuropein)-

 An extremely potent immune strengthener, studies have shown that mega doses have no unsavory side-effects and have speedy recovery rates.  The oleuropein in olive leaf is a natural wide-spectrum antibiotic, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.  Oxidation is the natural process of oxygen being transformed into energy. A natural phenomenon performed constantly in the body. The free radicals produced are flushed out when the immune system corrals and destroys these, usually by way of white blood cells.  However, several things can prevent adequate war against these cancer-causing free radicals and the body needs help, even for a common cold.  Olive leaf contains some of the most powerful types of antioxidants known to the scientific world.

Turmeric (Curcumin)-

Curcumin in warm butter
 The active ingredient in the culinary herb turmeric, used in Indian and Oriental cooking, is Curcumin.  It is a more potent antioxidant than Vitamin E, and addresses the very inflammation of the cells.  Curcumin has been used in Canadian labs to cure cancers, and studies show that in high doses it reduce the effects  of mature Alzheimer’s, promotes healthy joints/ligaments, speeds recovery muscles helps those with Type 2 Diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic skin conditions, and cures all types of arthritis.

 Curcumin has been hailed for centuries, and proven through extensive research in the last 50 years, but how does Curcumin work? Curcumin inhibits the activity and synthesis for COX2 and 5-LOX, as well as other enzymes that are connected to inflammation. Studies show that the cause of many, if not most sicknesses and diseases.  More than 700 genes are modulated by Curcumin, and will bind readily with enzymes, metals, proteins, and receptors.

 This is perhaps the most studied herb in the last half-century, and 5g are recommended by professionals daily.  There has been no adverse side-effects on the radar yet, and no over dosage reported.

 A useful bit of information would be the ancient Indian method for extracting Curcumin effectively from Turmeric that increases its bioavailability to the body greatly.  When boiled with coconut milk or other natural fatty foods, the cell wall opens, and half of the extraction the body would have to do is already completed, making it more potent and efficient, and lessens the chance of gastrointestinal distress/nausea.  Some brands have patented this practice of naturally processing Curcumin in this way, so as to make it that much better for anyone battling sore joints and problem skin, all the way Alzheimer’s and cancer.

 Cell cleansing and regeneration:

 Most natural cancer-fighting supplements do so by fortifying the immune system, and the best cleanse the very cell where the benign mutation begins its multiplication.  Since the body is one “machine” made up of many parts, if one or more parts fail to be “oiled,” or if one or two parts receive extra care, the rest of the body will feel the effects. Therefore, natural supplements and foods will have multiple health benefits, such as Turmeric. Who would have thought that the cure for arthritis would also be beneficial for psoriasis and memory?  The human cell, compounded is the base of the body’s function and wellbeing, and therefore where the most serious illnesses start. Here I will list several things that cleanse and regenerate the cell-

·         Colloidal Silver (high quality and certified ultra-small-particle, broken wall particles. Anything else can be very harmful)

·         Trace Minerals

·         Chlorophyll

·         Resveratrol (as well as other high-antioxidant and high-orac food-based supplements)

·         Chaga (as well as other beneficial fungus. Chaga is considered by some to be the strongest of said plant species)

The work of orac to the cells and increased oxygen in the blood:
Cancer cells are anaerobic – they thrive in low-oxygen environments.  In 1966, Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg confirmed that a key precondition for the development of cancer is a lack of oxygen in the body at the cellular level.  Accordingly, one of the body’s primary cell defenses is oxygen. Oxygen brings clarity and stamina to all parts of the body.  Oxygen in the blood stream is essential for good health, supporting everything from mood and energy to immune and cardiovascular integrity.  A few supplements proven to help with this are-

·         Coenzyme Q-10

·         Cordiceps

·         Trace Minerals

·         Resveratrol

·         Omega-3 (also useful for reducing inflammation; useful to skin-cancer patients)

Example of a natural cancer-combatting therapy:

The Gerson Therapy-
One cancer therapy that came up almost immediately in my search for natural cancer treatments is the Gerson Therapy, founded by Charlotte Gerson on the research and medical practice of her grandfather, Dr. Max Gerson. Dr. Gerson was a German immigrant, who had fled persecution in Europe for his faith.   According to Charlotte Gerson, “the Therapy activates the body’s extraordinary ability to heal itself through an organic, vegetarian diet, raw juices, coffee enemas and natural supplements. The Gerson Therapy treats the underlying causes of disease: toxicity and nutritional deficiency.”  It focuses on treating the body as a whole, rather than targeting certain parts for therapy. This method also claims to cure diabetes, heart diseases, arthritis, and other auto-immune diseases, among other ailments.  This diet-based therapy has seen many outstanding results since it was developed in the 1920’s.  In fact, two Gerson clinics have been erected – one in Mexico and another in Hungary, since America does not certify their clinic as medical – and hospitals in Japan are researching and using the techniques used.  According to a documentary on the Gerson therapy by Steve Kroschel, the Gerson Clinic in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico has sent away about 90% of its patience well and cancer-free.  Its main strategy? Bowel cleansing and whole, raw, healing foods.  This is one of the few therapies that have been found effective before scientific study has fully understood it.  It remains controversial and debated, though when done professionally it is almost always met with success.


Much study has been given to the cure for cancer, though conventional cancer patients are usually not consulted on their food choices during and after treatment.  One of the most detrimental substances to the body is sugar. Even natural sugars are harmful in large amounts if consumed on a regular basis.  Studies show that persons who intake 100 grams of sugar experienced a 50% decrease in their body’s immune defense effectiveness.  Sugar – fructose, sucrose, any type – will “drug” your system.  It also feeds and produces candida overgrowth in the body, which will not only preoccupy the immune system and weaken the gut’s essential flora, but enflame malignant tumors.  This study did not even touch on the chemicals and GMOs too-often added to sugars to help grow, extract, and preserve them.  “Sugar-free” choices are no better, as they contain cell-altering and brain-controlling chemicals. Sucralose being common among these calorie free sweeteners raved about by mistaken dieters.  Glutinous grains and flours also have the same effect as sugar in the body: raising the blood pressure, drugging the system, and feeding candida. Yes, even hardy whole wheat.  While the healthy body and gut are able to use the complex carbs for energy, and discharge the waste, any illness will use gluten to its own advantage. And remember that most every wheat and grain crop is heavily sprayed and injected into a “mutant seed” able to withstand much more than its species used to.  Also, other than a few small farms in Europe and unaffected rural areas, wheat nowadays is a hybrid short grain, rather than the long grain that our great, great grandparents would have eaten.

 Now let’s talk about GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms).  These are a wide range of plants and bacteria used in agriculture and the science lab.  It is usually made by inserting a microbial novel gene into an organism, synthetically, also known as gene splicing.  It has been used on animals, merging two desirable traits into one gene to then insert back into the animal.  One example of this is introducing the jelly fish to a rabbit, or like animal, which makes its hairs florescent, making it “glow in the dark.” This usually cuts the animal’s life in half, and subjects the creature to violent mood swings and other adverse side-effects.  Similarly, stem cell research, although a great scientific advance, causes most of its subjects to die.  Perhaps the method is not yet fully understood an therefore not perfected, but maybe we could rely on the natural means our ancestors did to keep fit and healthy, at the same time using our new medical knowledge on anatomy and physiology.  The effects of GMOs in vegetation are still being researched, but we already know that there are harmful side-effects if one is exposed to mutated genes for long enough.

Especially high are these Genetically Modified Organisms in fats, and the “dirty five” are canola oil, peanut oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, and soy bean oil.  These are common ingredients in everything to pretzels and potato chips, to being misted over top of raisins before packaging to reduce stickiness.  Fats like olive oil, coconut oil, and animal lards go rancid faster than starches (carbohydrates), and for the sake of convenience and industry these oils are often hydrogenated or merged with chemicals to keep them sterile.  This also reduces drastically the nutritional content of the food.

 Other foreign, synthetic or poisonous things affect our bodies too, such as areal chemicals, radioactive exposure, mercury/heavy metals, and even mineral imbalances. This works by polluting/changing our blood, which carries these toxins to every area of our body, including our gut and brain.

"Real Food" Choices-
Raw fruits, vegetables, berries, and healthy fungus are a powerhouse for the body and brain.  This was our ancestor’s medicine, and while medical knowledge and emergency back-up provided for catastrophes and common illnesses, their overall health was astounding.  The black plague, inadequate anesthesia and sanitation for operations, and death in child-birthing are dark mars in our history, but never before has a nation been consumed with heart disease, cancer, obesity, and eating disorders.  What has changed since then, aside from the ever-swaying culture?  One would be our food intake.  No, not simply how much we take in, but what we eat.  Even those in seemingly excellent health experience a boost in energy, cognitive stamina, superior immune, heightened digestive support, and other things when incorporating more raw and/or organic vegetation into their daily diet.  These include nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, berries, healthy grains, roots, and other edible plant sources.  Instead of a negative standing in the body, food can not only be reversed into a non-toxic state, but a super force for the good – fighting against what harms us.  The Orac value in most dark, juicy vegetation fights against disease and cancer causing free radicals in the body by boosting the immune system and circulating oxygen in the system, helping nip many symptoms such as, but not limited to, headaches, cold hands and feet, low-energy, anemia, asthma, and depression.  The orac and antioxidant factor is only one of the many benefits of low-toxin or toxin-free edibles. Clean, animal sourced proteins and fat have also held an important and valuable place in the historical pantry.  The complete amino acids found in meat, milk, and eggs are the very building blocks of life.  Butter, eggs, lard, white and dark meat, and whole milk were the signs of a healthy and successful homestead.  Fermented foods were a necessity for life then, which provided for them billions and trillions of strains of probiotics, keeping their guts strong for the middle-class life.  Food – real food – has dictated and continues to dictate our overall health.

Conclusion and disclaimer:
Here I have compiled a far-from-comprehensive study on a huge spectrum of natural supplements and factors in cancer treatment and cure.  The few that I have mentioned are the most commonly mentioned in my line of work.  There is much heated debate on this subject, and both sides claim very valid points and proof, though I feel the natural field is held in a double standard in the eyes of the government medical group; the FDA studies and certifies food ingredients and drugs, not supplements for medical use… which I must say is understandable.  I say all of this in the greatest respect for my doctor friends, whom I applaud for their hard work and impact on America.  All of the information provided here has been sourced from reliable sources, or otherwise stated as “some say,” or “it appears to be.”  None of the facts are based on my own scientific experimentation, and I try not to state opinion as fact.  I am not an expert on medicine or cancer, nor am I a certified health practitioner.  I am an unofficial nutritionist as of 2009, and have studied extensively on this subject.

 A reminder to all reading:  No one has to wait to experience a rocky road to make the decision to change their lifestyle to that of a healthy one; there is no time like now to obtain optimal health.

 God bless and keep you.

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