CD Cover:
I bought a SuperChic[k] CD, Discover but I really didn't care for the cover.  So, thought I, why can't I change it up?  It's legal.  So I cut out all the skin away from the back round and made up my own.  The three pictures I took are just slightly different views.  Click on anything to view larger.

Full view

This view is a little blurry

Closing in on the title and little details

Book Covers:

A historical-fiction thriller taking place in
1970's India.  Focusing on God's providence
and redemption through trials and mystery.

Current times novel thriller on who God is in
a crazy world, through the eyes of an
insecure adolescent girl who may just discover
the greatest breakthrough in space science.

"Real" Arts
Real meaning by hand.  All of these are just digital pictures of my stuffs.

Part of my Hippo painting with acrylics as a drama prop

Another drama prop
Horse sketches:

My first available horse drawing was in 2006.

Many more to come...